Kato 1766122 N Scale MP36PH METX 426 (Chicago Metra) Locomotive

Kato 1766122 N MP36PH METX 426 (Chicago Metra) Engine/Locomotive
Kato 1766122 N MP36PH METX 426 (Chicago Metra) Engine/Locomotive
Item# kat1766122

Product Description

METX 426 is one of a series of 4-axle passenger diesel MP36PH locomotives built by Motive Power International starting in 2003. These MP36PH engines are still in service.

Kato 1766122 N scale is DCC/decoder ready and comes with a heavy duty five-pole motor and mechanism designed to pull a 10 car bi-level consist up a 4% grade without the need for a traction tire. The Kato MP36PH locomotive uses a sophisticated light-piping and LED system to give it directional headlight and taillight functions across all six of its nose lights, as well as illuminated pre-printed number-boards for push/pull operation

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